TV, FILM & EXPO Industry Scuba Gear Hire

Scuba Gear Hire:
Gear is sent out under direct supervision of a qualified scuba instructor
Gear ranges from basic scuba gear like wetsuits and fins right through to full face maks with under water communications units.

Underwater Rigging:
We have a full team of commercial divers who can assist
with underwater rigging and construction for any sets / props
or lighting equipment as required.

Safety Assessments & Saftey Divers:
We have a fully qualified commercial rescue diver team to oversee
all safety aspects of film shoots that involve any form of water.
From swimming pools to open water ocean environments
as well as with swift water safety.
Safety and stand by divers are also available
on shoot & expo days to assist as required.

For more info please contact us and we will gladly assist you.
Contact: Kevin Cook | 083 645 3191 |